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Specialty Restoration Services That Matter

Specialty restoration services from ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc can apply to both homes and businesses. They deal with the unforeseen events of life that can happen anywhere, at any time and require a specialist with a particular skill set to deal with.

ServiceMaster Disaster Associates is that specialist.

We deal in unique renewal and renovation scenarios that impact our customers both physically and financially. From mold and trauma to vandalism and odors, our company has the tools to deal with these specialized issues, as well as the experience you want to get the job done, quickly and efficiently.

Mold Remediation

Left unchecked, mold can cause serious health problems in both children and adults. To eliminate it for good, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates uses advanced equipment and products to check for moisture and mold growth. We then go the extra steps to locate and eradicate all signs of it at its source.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a process where tiny dry ice pellets (the solid form of carbon dioxide) are shot out of a high-pressure apparatus; causing minimal abrasions. This process is an extremely effective cleaning agent, as it removes the top layer of dirt or contaminate to reveal a cleaner, stronger surface beneath.

Odor Removal

Strong odors can get into everything; causing an unpleasant atmosphere to linger in your interior. ServiceMaster Disaster Associates eliminates these odors with our VaporShark, OdorKlenz, ozone, and hydroxyl machinery and causes minimal interruption to your daily routines. Odors from protein, sewage, trauma-based instances, fire, and smoke cannot withstand our processes.

Trauma Cleanup

Trauma can have a dramatic impact on any interior, and its inhabitants. But removing blood, body fluids, and other materials is what we do. Our technicians will examine the damage and necessary level of restoration then set to work sanitizing, deodorizing, and eliminating any pathogens through safe and effective processes.

Vandalism Cleanup

Vandalism costs you money. Keep that from happening with services from ServiceMaster Disaster Associates! ServiceMaster Disaster Associates will use effective treatments, like our dry ice blasting, to completely remove any unwanted markings or paint from any surface you choose.

For more information about our specialty restoration services please call ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. at 800-649-6369.