Water Damage Restoration for Particle Board Furniture

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Homes tend to contain an abundance of wood furniture including tables, chairs, shelving, cabinets, and more.  However, much of the furniture found within homes is not solid wood, but instead made out of particle board.  Particle board furniture is a durable, lightweight, and inexpensive alternative to solid wood furniture, and it can be used for many different types of furniture … Read More

Is a Musty Odor a Sign of Water Damage?

Walking into a garage, bedroom or bathroom and being hit with wafts of musty odors is rather unpleasant. The offensive smells are just one part of the problem—the other issue is that the home likely has suffered some degree of water damage. Musty odors can be a telling sign, one that will likely compel a responsible homeowner to take immediate … Read More

What to Consider When Buying a New Home with Previous Fire Damage

Fire damage on roof

Buying a home with previous fire damage may not be uncommon. Home fires are prevalent and, depending on the extent of the fires, lead to varying levels of fire damage. Here’s what to consider when buying a home that had been previously damaged by fire. How common are home fires? According to data from the US Fire Administration, the number … Read More

2021 Pajama Drive: 10 years Keeping Kids Cozy for the Holidays

Thanks to You, ServiceMaster Disaster Associates celebrates the 10 YEAR Anniversary of our Pajama Drive!   With over 12,776 pairs of pajamas collected since 2011 Help us make 2021 the Best Year Yet.   Here’s how you can help: Between October 1st and November 18th, our annual Pajama Drive will be in motion. We will be collecting new pajamas Size: … Read More

Do Centipedes in My Home Mean I Have Water Damage?

Certain insects thrive in environments where moisture is abundant. A centipede is one type of bug that seeks out water in addition to food and shelter. Wherever all three life essentials are plentiful, centipedes will flourish. A home with centipedes may be a home with water damage. Bugs of all varieties search for water. When a building offers pests a … Read More

How to Protect Your Screen Porch from a Hurricane

Living on the coast has numerous benefits, from having a gorgeous view to feeling and smelling the beautiful ocean breeze. But it also has its drawbacks: expensive housing and high risk for hurricane damage. Many coastal and southern homes have screened in porches to take advantage of the panoramic views and warm temperatures. But they face a high-risk during hurricane … Read More

How Mold Can Affect Your Health

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Mold spores are abundant in the natural environment. Outdoors, the spores are helpful. Indoor mold, however, poses a serious health risk to a building’s occupants. Mold is a nuisance, since it adversely affects the health of people in various ways. The total number of mold species is inconclusive. However, experts estimate that at least 100,000 diverse species of mold exist. … Read More

Can I Handle Fire Damage Cleanup Myself?

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When a fire breaks out in your home or building, it can result in extensive damage. Not only will the flames themselves burn through any personal belongings and building materials that are in their way, but smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts will cause secondary damage. The secondary damage can be even worse than the initial harm and will become … Read More

What are Storm Surges and Why Are They Dangerous?

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From fires, to tornadoes, to storms, natural disasters of all kinds can be powerful enough to cause damage to your property. If you live near the ocean, then you are well aware of the dangers that hurricanes present. The strong winds and influx of water making its way inland are serious causes for concern. Furthermore, storm surges can be created … Read More

Proper Home Cleaning and Disinfection Methods to Protect from COVID-19

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are prioritizing disinfection and cleaning more than ever. People want to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes from COVID-19 and the harm it can cause. But more than just cleaning must be done. Proper disinfection must be conducted to provide the most effective protection against potential coronavirus contamination. Continue reading to learn … Read More