Is It Safe to Sleep in a House with Mold?

Mold Remediation in Boston, MA by ServiceMaster YSI - Bedroom Mold

Albeit a natural substance, mold is not something you want to encounter in your home. It can result in property damage and present health issues to people who are exposed to the fungus. Mold is something that can easily grow indoors, though, so it is a common household problem. You may not even know if mold has grown in your … Read More

How to Clean Personal Items that Suffer Flood Damage

All cases of water damage are a cause for concern because of the harm the excess moisture can do. But the more water there is, the bigger problem it is. This is why floods can be devastating to your home or business. When a property has flooded, the large volume of water will quickly cause damage to many items all … Read More

Tips on How to Waterproof Your Roof to Prevent Water Damage

Waterproof your roof to prevent water damage - ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. in Stoneham, MA - someone hammering down a shingle on the roof

The roof of your home or building is an integral part of its structure. It keeps precipitation and other outside forces from entering the property, providing you protection from the elements. Roofs also help keep a structure intact, which is why damaged roofing is a serious concern. Roofs are prone to harm because they are exposed to the elements. Many … Read More

Which Disinfectants and Cleaners are Effective Against the Coronavirus?

effective disinfectants against Coronavirus

SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19, is the newest virus to cause a global health crisis. As of date, a vaccine to protect people against the novel coronavirus is not yet developed, making it critical to defeat the virus with regular cleanings and disinfecting of surfaces. How is the Coronavirus Transmitted? Airborne Infections The coronavirus disease, familiarly known as Covid-19, is caused … Read More

What Causes the Most Damage During a Storm?

dangerous looking thunderstorm brewing

In the United States, many types of storms tend to prevail, causing destruction ranging from minimal to massive. Falling precipitation has the potential to lead to serious water damage. Homeowners should be prepared by understanding what causes the most damage during various storms. Hail Storms Thunderstorms are capable of producing hail of all sizes. Smaller hail can devastate plants, cutting … Read More

What is the Property Damage Insurance Claim Process?

Did you know that if your property sustains damage from a natural disaster, you can file a property damage insurance claim and receive payment for the repairs? How to File a Property Damage Claim If you are unfamiliar with the property damage claim process, you may find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated. Therefore, best time to learn about the property damage … Read More

Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection Services Available

Covid-19 Coronavirus disinfection cleaning - misting

With the rise and concern of the Coronavirus pandemic, our first priority is the health and safety of our Industry partners and employees. However, because of the nature of our business, and most importantly yours, we are remaining in full operation, 24/7. Most commercial properties, government buildings, and school departments have their own maintenance crews and emergency plans in place. … Read More

2019 Pajama Drive

2019 Pajama Drive - ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Stoneham, MA

ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. has received contributions from Middlesex & Essex Counties, Southern New Hampshire and the Seacoast area, were able to provide new children’s pajamas to local children in need.