What are Storm Surges and Why Are They Dangerous?

water damage restoration by ServiceMaster DA in Rochester, NH - Storm Surge

From fires, to tornadoes, to storms, natural disasters of all kinds can be powerful enough to cause damage to your property. If you live near the ocean, then you are well aware of the dangers that hurricanes present. The strong winds and influx of water making its way inland are serious causes for concern. Furthermore, storm surges can be created … Read More

What Causes the Most Damage During a Storm?

dangerous looking thunderstorm brewing

In the United States, many types of storms tend to prevail, causing destruction ranging from minimal to massive. Falling precipitation has the potential to lead to serious water damage. Homeowners should be prepared by understanding what causes the most damage during various storms. Hail Storms Thunderstorms are capable of producing hail of all sizes. Smaller hail can devastate plants, cutting … Read More