Do Centipedes in My Home Mean I Have Water Damage?

Certain insects thrive in environments where moisture is abundant. A centipede is one type of bug that seeks out water in addition to food and shelter. Wherever all three life essentials are plentiful, centipedes will flourish. A home with centipedes may be a home with water damage. Bugs of all varieties search for water. When a building offers pests a … Read More

How Mold Can Affect Your Health

mold remediation in Boston, MA by ServiceMaster Disaster Associates, Inc. in Stoneham, MA

Mold spores are abundant in the natural environment. Outdoors, the spores are helpful. Indoor mold, however, poses a serious health risk to a building’s occupants. Mold is a nuisance, since it adversely affects the health of people in various ways. The total number of mold species is inconclusive. However, experts estimate that at least 100,000 diverse species of mold exist. … Read More

Which Disinfectants and Cleaners are Effective Against the Coronavirus?

effective disinfectants against Coronavirus

SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19, is the newest virus to cause a global health crisis. As of date, a vaccine to protect people against the novel coronavirus is not yet developed, making it critical to defeat the virus with regular cleanings and disinfecting of surfaces. How is the Coronavirus Transmitted? Airborne Infections The coronavirus disease, familiarly known as Covid-19, is caused … Read More

What is the Property Damage Insurance Claim Process?

Did you know that if your property sustains damage from a natural disaster, you can file a property damage insurance claim and receive payment for the repairs? How to File a Property Damage Claim If you are unfamiliar with the property damage claim process, you may find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated. Therefore, best time to learn about the property damage … Read More